PPI Skin Illustrator Zombie Makeup Palette

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The Skin Illustrator Zombie Palette was designed for creating the perfect un-dead makeup. Description: This palette was custom designed by 2 time Academy Award winning Makeup Artist, David Leroy Anderson, for use on the movie, “Dawn of the Dead”. This is a nice combination of skin tones plus some FX colors that will give you a range of ability to do a fair amount of pale/dead skin tones along with blood effects, bruising, and a variety of other distressed effects. Skin Illustrator colors can be activated with a spray or dab of 99% alcohol to apply and it requires very little touch up other than an occasional powdering. Includes: Rice Paper, Midnight Brown, Black, Vein Tone, Blood Tone, Prime Yellow, Olive Adjuster 2, Ultra Blue, Bruise Tone, and Aged Blood. Size: 10 Color Palette FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!

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